Thursday, February 26, 2009

Hamburger buns

OK Ok so the title isn't as catchy as last weeks Fast and Frugal. But there is some great things in in this post so please keep reading it will defiantly help you be frugal.

I love having a freezer. It is probably the main reason (oh besides those hours of searching for deals and meal planning) why we save so much money and how we can live on $50 a week for grocery's. Here is how my freezer comes in handy.

This week well searching through the local grocery store I saw that an 8 pack of whole wheat hamburger buns were on sale for a 99 cents. This is a great deal seeings how you can't even buy store brand for that cheap. So without hesitation I quickly piled some into the chart. When I got home I took all the buns out of the bag and laid them on a cookie sheet and stuck them in the freezer.

That evening I took them out and placed them into sandwich baggies. I like to have them individually frozen instead of stuck together. That way when Kitkat gets a mini pizza for lunch he can have 1/2 the bun and I can get it out and cooked quickly before he has a total melt down.

Once they are all into baggies I put all the baggies back into the big bag and they get tossed into the deep freezer until needed.
Picking up breads and rolls when on sale can really save in the long run. Nothing like throwing some burgers on the grill to find that you don't have anything to put it on.
Side note ~ We love buying the bulk pack of hamburgers from Costco. For $13 you can get 24 quarter pounders. I don't usually like premade burgers...actually I never liked them but these burgers are 100% lean ground beef nothing added what so ever for a $1.89 a burger that I didn't have to mush together with my hand I am game!! Why I brought up the burgers is because they are a quick meal and nothing like scoring the buns that are only ~0.12 cents this makes a very fast throw together meal for last minute supper or lunch guest!

Hamburger buns are also great for:
Mini pizza (kitkat loves them)
sloppy joes
hot sandwiches (roastbeef and melty cheese or pulled pork)
tuna melts
garlic toast

For more great frugal ideas head on over to Biblical Womanhood

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Mommy of Two said...

This is a really neat idea... When you need them, how do you defrost them? Let them sit at room temp? Microwave? Fridge?

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