Sunday, February 1, 2009

Meal Plan Monday

Please forgive me if my meal plan post doesn't make sense this week but I am sitting at my parents house, with a wood furnace, and I am sure its 30 ++ degrees in here right now. Also I have my husband cheering at the top of his lungs at the TV as he LOVES the super bowl. Its funny cause we don't watch football any other time of year but this special occasion. I don't know if its the Nachos, chicken wings and pop that go with it that makes me even love the super bowl or I will make this quick cause I think the first around of food is almost done!!

One recipe that I made this week to go with my spaghetti pie was these delicious garlic bread sticks found over here at Tammy's recipes.

The recipe was easy to follow, used ingredients all found in my pantry and tasted delicious. The recipe will go into our family favorites.

I will try to remember what I have planned this week cause I am working on a monthly meal plan for this month. I have give each day a theme (example: Monday casseroles) and have written out meals under each theme. Each week I will just pick meals from my list to make my weekly meal plan. Following me?? hehe...I will post my themes and meals for the Month when we get home.

Cookin in the kitchen

Monday: Turkey leftovers

Tuesday: Mexican lentil casserole with Taco chips

Wednesday: leftovers

Thursday: can't remember I will have to double check my menu.

Friday: out

Saturday: Baked beans, bread and scallop potato

Sunday: Leftover beans!!

For more great meal ideas check out Lauras site

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