Sunday, February 15, 2009

Meal Plan Monday

Last weeks menu went really well! I even tried a new recipe for broccoli soup (delicious) that I will be posting later this week. This weeks menu is pretty simple but I have some bulk cooking to do. I need to have some vegetable purees (sweet potato, squash, carrot and potato) made up for the babe. We are having a little bit of a hard time getting him to eat some of the foods we are eating so I figured if I stock up his basket in the freezer at least I will have some foods on hand for him when we are enjoying spicy foods.

Also this week potatoes are on sale so I am going to be doing up some fries and I am thawing out a large pack of hamburger that I will use up tomorrow for my shepherds pie and some meat balls.

So here's whats cookin

Monday: Shepards pie

Tuesday: BBQ lentils

Wednesday: Leftovers

Thursday: BBQ chicken with potato curry and sesame seeds

Friday: Burgers and fries OR pizza

Saturday: Pot roast with roasted vegetables

Sunday: leftovers

For more creative meal ideas check out Organizing Junkie

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