Monday, February 9, 2009

Monthly Meal Planning

This month I actually planned my whole month out for meals. What a time saver that was this week since we were out all weekend. This morning I simply had to get the calender out of my house binder to see what I had planned.

For my month of meal plans I simply made each day a theme (Monday Meat/potato and veggies, Tuesday veggie, Wednesday leftovers, Thursday casseroles, Friday take out, Saturday random, Sunday Soup or stew) then under each day I wrote out 4 different meal ideas. Now for the easy part I inserted the meals into my calender to month is planned!!

So here is whats cookin this week

Monday: BBQ meat pie and twice baked potatoes

Tuesday: Curried Split peas over rice

Wednesday: Leftovers

Thursday: Sweet and sour sausages

Friday: Toastados

Saturday: Going out on a date!! Don't forget its valentines day

Sunday: Pot luck at church

For more meal plans and meal ideas check out organizing junkie


Davis family said...

I like your month plan idea. Is this the first week?

N and N said...

how did Micah like the curried split peas??

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