Friday, April 24, 2009

A deal for your heart and pocket book

This is a deal I just have to share! When we were first married I use to buy the hard margarine blocks to do all my cooking and baking. I mean why wouldn't you; they are already measured for you 1 cube = 1/2 cup, and they were cheap. After using these for almost a year my "Dietitian" conscience couldn't stand it anymore knowing how bad hydrogenated margarine's are for our health. With our tight grocery budget and my desire to bake I was on a search to find a cheap non hydrogenated margarine.

I found out that the blocks and the large tubes (1.3 kg) equaled the same amount of margarine and where the same price (for some brands). So what I started to do was buy these up when they went on sale for $1.99; yes at times it was a little embarrassing walking around the grocery store with 5 tubes of margarine in my chart; but the embarrassment was well worth the savings of 4-5 dollars per tube!!

Also to remind you readers that marketing is everything for brand names and some brands you will pay almost 10 bucks for one of these tubes. They are all the same and if you look the labels there is nothing special from one brand to the save yourself some money and buy the cheaper brand.

With all that said for you readers who shop at Super store they have these 1.3 Kg tubes on sale for $2.99. Its a great deal. And one way that you can make it as easy as the blocks is portion it all out. Simply measure out 1/2 cups and put into baggies. You can put these baggies into a basket in the freezer or fridge and you are ready bake, bake, bake!!

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~Deidra~ said...

Um...I guess I thought that all margarine was pretty much created equally. So, non-hydrogenated margarine is available? Thanks for the info.

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