Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Iced Tea

Today was so hot outside I almost whipped together my favorite summer drink. Iced TEA!! Ever since I found this delicious recipe over at Hillbilly house wife I have been making lots of batches each summer. Its very cheap and easy to make. I usually buy a large bag of No Name tea bags which will last a summer or two. To give your iced tea some different flavors you could try adding lemon, mint or different flavored tea bags such as the fruit ones. I love to experiment with this recipe.

Remember that tea does have caffeine in it and if you are not use to drinking it you can get addicted and suffer from head aches if you drink 3-4 glasses of iced tea one day and none the next.

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Jerralea said...

I love iced tea! I have to agree with Hillbilly Housewife, letting your tea steep too long can make it bitter.

Buffie said...

I love iced tea and drink it year round. Of course I stick with decaf to avoid headaches and I make mine with loose leaf tea. It tastes so much better.

The trick to keeping black tea from getting bitter is to not let it steep more then 3 minutes.

Jay Logelin said...

That looks awesome. Definitely going to give it a go with some mint. Thx for the post.

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