Friday, April 17, 2009

Make them with LOVE

It took me a little while to figure out what I was going to post about today. I guess I was thinking what can I write about fast so I can get into my craft room!! why not tell all you wonderful readers about making cards. Making our own cards has saved us a fare chunk of change. It comes in handy to have a stack of cards on hand for someones birthday, a baby shower, wedding, anniversary or just to encourage a friend. To start making cards I had some card stock, markers, 1 pair of crazy scissors, a stamp and a glue stick. Now that I have been at it for a couple of years my collection of stuff as grown so much that I have my own little craft room! Many of my supplies are bought on sale or given to me as gifts.

This fun hobby helps save us money in the long run. A card now a days can cost any wheres from 3-7 dollars!! I can easy make any cards for WAY cheaper then that. Also the fun part of making cards is its your own expression and you can put whatever you want on and in the card.

Another fun thing that I like to do is give cards away as gifts. People always need cards so it makes a great present to give a pack of homemade cards to family and friends. I recently gave these away for a baby shower gift.

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Judy said...

I enjoy card-making, too! I especially like the card you featured at the bottom, with {thanks} on the front--just my style! :)
And I also agree that making your own cards saves money. . . and you get to say exactly what you want!

Judy @ Frugal at Home

Anna said...

I like making cards as well. It saves time as well as money. I keep a stash on hand, and it is much easier to grab one than to go to the store.

Jen said...

Ohhh, cards. One of my favorite crafts. My stash is huge - I should start giving away some as gifts. Thanks for the tip!

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