Wednesday, May 20, 2009

home made gift bags

So for the past couple of weeks hubby keeps coming home with "stuff" thats right all kinds of different things. His office has been spring cleaning so he has been bringing home whatever is being given. One of his finds for me was a huge box filled with paper bags. The only down fall to these bags is there is a company name written on them! But that hasn't stopped us from using them. Nothing a little bit of card stock can't cover up!

This gift was for my friends personal wedding shower. I used an ivory colored white to cover up the label then added Love and two bird cut outs...get it love birds!! heheheh...

I am pretty sure we have well over 200 of these bags! That should last us a couple of years!

For more works for me ideas check out we are that family.

Dont forget to check back to see my new indevor!!

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