Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Yard sale finds truned into gifts

I really really love this time of year; for many reasons of course. I love the hot weather (which we haven't been getting these days), long days, sun shine in the morning and of course YARD SALES!!!

There are so many things you can find out there....just like the saying goes one mans trash is another mans treasure! One thing you should have on yard sale day is a list of things you are looking for and a price that you are willing to pay. I put this list together based on what I look for at thrift stores. Mostly its kitchen things, books, movies, picture frames and some kids toys. I also have the price written down of how much these particular things would cost at the second hand store. That way I can tell if the yard sale is over priced.

Through out the summer I will be sharing with you readers things that I find at a yard sale what I have done with them. Here is my first thing. At the beginning of the yard sale season I found these 4 jars (which the man gave them to me for 0.25 cents each!!!). That same week the Mothers club I attend was having their year end brunch and I really wanted to give the nursery workers a gift from Eben and I. These were just the right thing. I whipped up a batch of my homemade granola, placed it in the washed jars, added a thank you note and handed them to the workers!!

They were a great hit for an even greater price!!

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