Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Frame your scrap book pages

I have been making cards for a while but had never really gotten into scrap booking. That was until I received a scrap book for Christmas. Since I belong to a "craft group" at our church I new I could count on the wisdom from the other ladies to help me in a new endeavor.

With my mom celebrating a special birthday this summer I wanted to do something really nice. I thought of a scrap book or a photo book but after going through hundreds of pictures (most of her and Eben the only grand child) I decided( instead of putting lots of work into a book that will probably need to be up graded when we have more children) to go with a simpler idea. So I purchased a scrap booking frame and decided that on special occasions or whenever I had really great photos I would scrap book them for my mom so she can frame them. Then the older ones can go into a book of her own!!

I really liked the frame so when at a church yard sale this summer I picked up this larger black frame for 25 cents and put in a page that I created of our family all dressed up for a wedding. It always get lots of attention when people come to visit!!

This is a great way to show off your photos and if you enjoy scrappin it really is a work of art!! heheh

For more works for me head over here

1 comment:

The Activity Mom said...

Great idea! It's like 2 presents in 1 with a frame and then a scrapbook in the works. Love it!

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