Monday, August 17, 2009

Where back!!

We are back from our two week missions trip! It was great to spend those two weeks ministering together with friends and family. To see what we were up to you can check out the blog. While we were away the cooks did a great job preparing meals from lots of donated food that came in. They did a great job presenting the food so it look very appetizing.

These fruit salad cups were prepared with all donated fruit...thank you Lord for providing!

At the end of the two weeks together we shared a special feast and the cooks whipped up these cupcake ice cream cones. They were simple to make all she did was make brownies from a mix. spooned it into the ice cream cones and baked. When they were finished you let cook and top with ice cream and sprinkles.

Eben really enjoyed this treat!!

Since we have only been back for 2 days now I got lots of things to get done around here. But man oh man is it hot!!! Which is great but not for cooking or working. I think I will spend the afternoon (with the little guy) in his pool! Tonight I have planned to make a delicious hodge podge with all the fresh veggies from our garden!

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Always and forever said...

Nice pics Kate! But you forgot to include the after picture of Eben with the ice cream cone... :)
Hodge podge sounds good! Save me some!

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