Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Explosion Box Album

I love this new creation for a scrap box! My friend Susan came in to teach a group of wonderful ladies how to put one together so here is what mine turned out like. I put it together for my mother; kind of as a brag box!

Here is the whole box.
remove the cover and ta-da out comes a mini album

Bottom pictures
Bottom pictures

right side

right side
Left side

left side

top pictures

top picture

So there you have it. It only took some coordinating papers, small pictures (which I print off at Wal-Mart using the collage setting) and lots of embellishments! It was a simple way to make a great gift!!


Geniève said...

I Love it! Very cute idea!

Lynn said...

Oh, is this SO cute! I'll bet your mom loved it. :)

lucy said...

That was a real little cutie! I would love to fill it with lots of photos and cute hair bows of my daughter.

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