Monday, November 7, 2011


Our whole family is getting into the Movember mode as we work together raising money for prostate cancer.   If you would like to donate to our family please visit my hubby's Mo space HERE.   

Now on to the crafty part of this post.  I made these cute little stach's using a template from easy makes me happy blog.  She suggested using stiff felt but since I didn't have any I just used black card stock.  For the stick I used a small skewers with the sharp tip cut off and to attach it all together I used a glue dot cause I can't find my glue gun.  

We had lots of fun laughing together yesterday as we took these shots.  Here is Eben and daddy.

Lady J showing us her stash

We even got the photographers on the other side of the camera and got them involved as well.

Don't forget to give some cash to someone for their stash!!!


Deja Peterson said...

Hehehe...Davey looks like Luigi with his mustache!

Mrs. Stam said...

Love the moustaches!!!!

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