Wednesday, May 2, 2012

School time

With Eben being preschool age he is really enjoying having a school time each morning.  These times use to be during Jaelyn's morning nap that way I could really focus on Eben, play games with him, reading, puzzles, sight words or cooking in the kitchen.  But now that Jaelyn doesn't have these naps any more it became more difficult until I learned about blanket time and start implementing it with her.  This has helped so much.

We have been doing so many different things to learn from counting and building with Lego to fishing with letters; he really enjoys learning through fun activities.   There are days though that I do make him sit down to work on his writing skills.  This activity book I bought at Costco last fall and he has been bouncing around doing different pages.  It is a french book so Daddy works with him in this book but for this day he was working on his letters.

His orange crayon B's are getting better and he is really doing a good job trying to make all his letters.

Another way Eben loves to learn is on "his website" as he calls it.  When I was searching for some homeschooling stuff I happen to come across  its an awesome site for kids with lots of learning activities on it.  You do have to pay/month ($7.95) but its so worth it.  They teach through reading, song, puzzles, games and coloring pages.  He has a little avatar that we made to look like him and every time he completes something he gets tickets which he can use to buy stuff in the stores on the site!  He has a very big hamster set up right now that he bought from saving up LOTS of tickets.   If your child loves to play games this is a great website.  I love that it makes learning fun.  He thinks he is playing but we know he is learning!

Another great source of information for teachers or homeschooling is pinterest.  There is so much stuff on there its hard to decided what to do.  I have a board set up that keeps getting fuller and fuller and Eben isn't even in school yet! heheh.    

So what are some things you do for school time or resources that you really love?

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anne said...

It's nice to know that kids are excited to go to school every morning. We should different learning styles so they won't be bored in learning.

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