Tuesday, May 1, 2012


One of my biggest pregnancy cravings (this month) has been smoothies.  We have been enjoying them almost everyday around here.   The kids really like to help out in the kitchen (Jaelyn loves yogurt!!!) so they enjoy putting all the ingredients into the blender and of course pushing all the buttons.  One thing I recommend is don't have your blender plugged in until the cover is on tight and you are ready to let them push the buttons.  Sometimes we have to learn from others mistakes! heheh

So here is how we make smoothies around here.

We start off with frozen strawberries and we add a little bit of water so that they can crush up nicely.  After a few pulses with the ice button I add 1-2 spoonfuls of OJ concentrate (we usually keep a can open in the freezer) and maybe a little more water to get it nice and smooth.  Then in goes the banana, yogurt (we like to use a greek style or bulkan style either plain or vanilla) and vanilla.  We blend until smooth cause I don't really like chunks in my smoothie.

 Then we enjoy them with these fun twirly straws daddy bought us!   I killed two birds with one stone in this picture it was one way I could get her to sit still long enough to get a picture of the headband I made.  

Now I have gotten a little sneaky with the smoothies.  Last week I had some spinach that wasn't good for salad anymore so I decided to puree it up with a can of pineapple chunks and vanilla yogurt.  I poured the mixture into an ice cube tray and let freeze.  Once it was frozen I poped all the cubes out and put them into a large Ziploc baggie.  Now when I make our strawberry smoothies I add 1-2 cubes into our drink.  I did this the other day and Eben said it was the best smoothie yet!!!

So what are your family favorite smoothie recipes.  I would love to know and try them.


Emily @ Gourmet Mommy said...

I add a big cup of spinach every time I make a smoothie - we go through two of those big tubs of baby spinach a week! Great way to get greens into us :) I also add a spoonful of ground flax seeds for the omega 3's. And just for mine I add a couple spoonfuls of plain whey protein powder. Otherwise it just doesn't keep me full until lunch!

Micah and Katie said...

awesome Emily. Thanks for sharing your ideas. I should put some ground flax into our drinks.

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