Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Duplo Lego Creations

This boy LOVES playing Lego!!! 

I really have been enjoying watching Eben's imagination run wild with all his lego.   He will get it out and play pretty much all day long with it.  Of course he loves leaving it out so Daddy can see all the cool things that he has made; like this lego house. 

My husband also was a lego fan as a child and still is.  I love watching the boys be creative together.  Its one of Eben's favorite things to play with daddy.  Maybe that is why Eben loves it so much cause its something fun that he does with his dad!!

Recently we have found lots of resources online for creative things to make with the lego.  We don't always follow the same colors that they have on the sheets just the designs. 

Here is Eben's T-rex

A moose

And the Duck and T-rex playing together under the coconut tree! heheh

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