Saturday, July 20, 2013

Vintage Carnival Wedding Shower

Welcome readers to my very best friends Vintage Carnival Wedding Shower!!!  I can hardly believe all the awesome thought and preparation that went into making this shower so awesome for her.  The weather was hot hot hot that day, the food was awesome and the the back yard venue looked amazing.  
First let me take you on a little tour! 

The drink table was an old dresser and on it was 3 drink dispensers.  The colours for the party were red, pink, and turquoise so you guessed it that was what colour each one of the drinks.  For "cups" we used mason jars that had jute wrapped around the top and attached to the jute was a carnival ticket. And to add just a little bit more cuteness were very colourful paper straws. 

The love makes a beautiful ride was also a great printable that spruced another table and can found here. 

For a treat as everyone was arriving we had fresh popcorn!! Beside the popcorn machine was a banner that read He Popped the Question.   People enjoyed eating the popcorn in their old fashion popcorn box.  We even had a few containers on the table that had popcorn seasoning in them. 

Making and serving popcorn!!

Hanging over the deck was this beautiful ribbon back drop, bunting and two colourfully painted chairs. This is where the bride to be and her groom played a few shower games and opened their shower gifts.  

And what would a carnival be without cotton candy!!!  Thats right these bridesmaids went all out and even rented a cotton candy machine for the special occasion!  It was actually really easy to make and people really enjoyed it.  We had blue and pink and sometimes if both colours got in the machine together there was purple.

These beautiful homemade pinwheels lined the walk way that guest took to come into the back yard party!  They were so beautiful.  They each had a pink steam which was made from a spray painted pensile and each pinwheel had pink, red or turquoise in it.   We also used side walk chalk to paint the drive way showing guest where to come. 

 Since there are 9 bridesmaids it wasn't too crazy getting everything set up in the morning.  Some of us where outside setting up and some where instead preparing the delicious food that we would enjoy.

Krissy the maid of honour, party planner and brides sister did a fantastic job putting everything together and was very busy doing last minute jobs before the lunch time shower began.   Here she is decorating her beautiful cupcake ice cream cones.

When we knew the bride to be was on her way the wedding party headed out front, with our cute little drinks, to greet her and her groom! 

So I will confess that the blue drink is Kool-aid!!!  Yes you heard me I was drinking Kool-aid...but I wanted my outfit to be all the same colour :P 

The couple arrived and were taking down pinwheel lane to their own carnival. 

I wish I had more pictures of the food that we served but to give you an idea everything was mini!!  We had mini hotdogs, mini pulled pork sliders, corn on the cob which we broke in half to be "mini" along with lots of salads. 

The desserts consisted of cupcakes, ice cream cone cupcakes, cotton candy, timbits,  marshmallow treats, strawberry short cake,  and delicious homemade funnel cakes with fresh strawberries and whip cream. 

At gift time all the bridesmaids went in on this gift for Deanna.  Its her own pink kitchen aid for her new house!! 

And all great parties must have a photo booth so here we are the girl half of the wedding party. 

Because it was sooooo hot that day and we were out in the back yard all afternoon in the sun some of the gals decided to jump in the pool dresses and all. 

When the party was over the hubby's showed up with the kids and we spent the rest of the late afternoon and evening in the pool, eating lots of treats and having a washer tournament.  Oh and the kids got to do the pinata that we had for the shower as well. 

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Mama S said...

this is so much fun, and this post makes me miss you even more!!!!

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