Sunday, December 15, 2013

December Photo Challenge

Here is my part 2 of the December photo challenge.  I am very impressed that this week I was able to capture all the moments in the challenge!

 9th: Decorated
10th: Stripes (candy cane on mug)
11th: On the shelf
12: Sweet (Ebens cookie or the whip cream on his lips)
13th: Tis the season (our school room chalk board)
14th: Black and white (ornaments I made
15th: Something Yum (chocolate covered pretzels) 

1 comment:

Mission Scotland said...

I stopped by your blog via Pinterest and have subsequently been through all of your blogs (even Gramps!) in the past hour! Just wanted to let you know your photography is excellent and I noticed a huge improvement from when you first got your camera! Please don't think I'm a creeper, promise I'm not!

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