Friday, March 28, 2014

Peterson Love Day

This year we started our LOVE festivities off with a home-school valentines social.  The social committee who planned the event did a great job with games, crafts, snacks and this awesome photo booth they put together. 

There were so many great props there I decided to make my husband a valentines card this way!  

Every year for Love day we let the kids pick a restaurant theme and a meal they want to enjoy.  The past two years Eben got to pick the restaurant and it has been some video game theme.  This year since Jaelyn is older now she got to pick the theme.  I loved having a girl theme with her!  

Welcome to our Strawberry Shortcake Waffle Cafe

First off to go to a fancy restaurant you have to be dressed up.  So the kids got into their finest clothes. 

Then we made some decorations for our restaurant.

For our waffle bar we made a double batch of waffles and had all kinds of toppings for them.  Strawberries, blueberries, blackberries (see the theme), bananas, whip cream, chocolate sauce and of course chocolate kisses.   The kids got to dress up their waffles however they wanted.

When daddy got home from work he had two roses.  A beautiful blue rose for Lady J and a pretty white and pink rose for mama.  Along with our roses he had two funny cards for us gals.   Eben was lucky that night and got a free stay up late card to hang out with us when the little ones went to bed. 

We also had valentines for each other in our LOVE boxes.  Jaelyn's valentine to daddy brought tears to his eyes!! hehehe. 

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