Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Reindeer foot print craft

This was a super fun project that I did yesterday with the kids.  I love how it turned out and how cute it looks framed up on the wall.  So here are the simple instructions for what to do.  Sorry there are no pictures!!  Paint plus 4 kids under 6 = no camera :P


Card Stock (for the foot prints)
Brown Paint
Paint Brush
Wet cloth
Goggly eyes
Mini red pompoms
Brown marker

Start by painting 1 child's foot at a time.  I started with the oldest cause I wanted them to be in order from biggest to smallest.  Once foot is painted line it up on the paper where you want it to be and press down.  Use the cloth to wipe off the painted foot and move on to the next child.

Once everyone has put their foot print on and its dry you can start to glue (hot glue) the eyes on.  Next glue your nose on and draw on the antlers.  Then find a pretty frame to put it in and ta da- NEW beautiful Christmas decor.

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