Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Getting Organized

Today I am moving out of the kitchen to show all you wonderful readers a way to organize your little girl's headbands.  We only have 1 little girl in the house and she LOVES wearing headbands.  They were everywhere so we decided to get them all together in one spot.  I had looked on pinterest and found the cutest ideas for making wonderful and decorative headband holders but due to space in our home and that the kids share rooms we decided something in their bathroom would work the best.  So off I went to Walmart to find a toilet paper or hand towel holder.  I found this one in the hardware section and knew it would be prefect for both types of headbands that Lady J has.   Now all the headbands are in one place and she can easy get them and put them back at the end of the day when she is finished. 

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