Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Jamberry Review

Tonight I am stepping out of the kitchen to write a review for what I think about Jamberry Nails.  I have heard about these wonderful "sticker" nails for a while and when I see my friend (mama of 7) recommending and wearing them I think to myself these puppies MUST be good for a busy gal like her...so I wanted to try them to see if they could stand up and stay pretty on a domestic engineer. 

Before I received my sample nails in the mail I decided to pick up nail stickers from our local Dollarma.  These nails are made by revlon and cost me $3.00.  The first thing I noticed when I opened the package was the strong smell they had.  They smelt like nail polish or polish remover.  The directions where easy to follow, but the nails didn't want to come off the wrapper easily so I lost one trying to figure out how to peel the backing off.  They went on nice and filed off fine.  They do not take long to do and if I was needed by a child, I stopped attended to that need and went back to doing my nails without smudging them :) 

The looked nice and felt light on my nails.  However they couldn't hold up to how many times my hands get washed, wash dishes and shower....within 24 hours this is what they looked like. 

After 2 days some of them where completely off.  I thought I could simply peel the rest off but I had to soak my finger nails in remover to try to get it off and still that didn't get it all off one finger :( 

I was so excited to get my Jamberry package in the mail from sweet Melody!   

Jaelyn and I had a good laugh cause she liked the pink ones which where for me and I loved her blue ones :)  We had a fun mama/daughter evening putting on our new nails.   The difference between these and the other ones was there was NO smell and they peeled off easily.  Also they are arranged on the sheet in a way that they can be cut in half allowing each wrap to do two nails.  

The first time applying was pretty easy.  I did have problems with getting an air pocket in a few of them causing the tip to flip up a little but Melody was so kind to help me fix this by telling me to cut my nail a bit to make it even.   The bottom of the nail never came off and they didn't chip.  The only reason they didn't last the full two weeks (or 1 week) is because I am a picker....I know its a bad habit!  I even did this to my wedding nails 3 days after I had them done and we were on our honey moon. 

After 5 days of dishes, hand washing, showering, bathing children and tying hundreds of balloons for a church function they where still on.  You are lucky I got this picture cause I was picking them off really bad and thought oh wait I should take a picture first. 

 The removal for these was amazing.  I literally pulled each one off in one piece and no remover was needed.

Now lets move on to the Jamberry Juniors.

My little girl loves having her nails done.  We will sit and paint them, she fans them around until they are dry and with in 2 seconds they are smudged.  And before the day is over the polish is always gone!  We thought we would give this a try for her.

Her nails are very very short because she bites them!  When I put them on her I used the finger nail chippers to cut down to her nail.  Unfortunately because the nail was so short they didn't get a good seal on them and the fell off before the end of the day.   I did promise her that if she lets her nails grow out we can try again because we have enough on this sheet to do 2 manicures and still have a few for accent nails. 

My overall review is I am sold on Jamberry!  Once you get the hang of applying the wraps it goes very quickly, but for real if you only have a few minutes here and there you could take all day to get them done if you needed to, since you can do one nail at a time if little people need you :) And if one chips or you pick it off you can take that one off and replace it without having to do them all over again.  

There are so many beautiful designs you feel so fancy wearing such pretty nails and who doesn't like to have their nails done every now and than to feel a little fancy.   Even if you don't do your nails often I think that just like that bottle of nail polish you have in the bathroom cupboard from 10 years ago you should also have a thing of Jamberry Nails on hand for those I need a boost types of days. 

I love celebrations and all special occasions so I love that Jamberry can help you have the prefect nails for Valentines day, Christmas, St. Patricks day, Easter, your son/daughters basketball game, coffee beans for coffee dates and sheet music for those music festivals. 

You can get 3-4 applications from 1 sheet so why not buy one together with a friend (or a couple friends) and have a fun night of manicures. 

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