Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Rainbow Cake

With Spring just around the corner Jaelyn and I decided to whip up a fun and colourful snack.   The idea of these beautiful coloured cakes cooked in lovely little mason jars topped with whip cream or ice cream seemed like a totally enjoyable treat...however that is not what happened!  

Jaelyn is gaining more confidence in the kitchen on her own but since we are running low on flour she had to use a box cake mix.  She followed the directions herself to make the cake. 

Once the batter was made up I poured it into 6 different bowls and she added food colouring to each bowl. 

Next we poured about 1 Tbsp of each coloured batter in 6 mason jars.  Doesn't it look like it was such a delightful time :) Mean while on the other side of the counter was the mess...

The beautiful coloured mason jars went into the oven and I could hardly wait to get that prefect picture of my awesome little rainbow jars, imagine my shock when THIS is what came out of the oven...  

The prefect PIN FAIL picture for you.  

In steps creativity (thanks to all those cooking shows we have been watching) so we turned the jars upside down and the cakes came right out (be sure to spray the jars) we then took the little cake log and started slicing it into these beautiful little cake wheels which are great for making your own little rainbow.  

We also made little cake sandwiches with ice cream between two wheels. 

My idea didn't turn out like I wanted it to but I had so much fun watching my sweet girl in the kitchen  and spending time with her that I didn't care and to be honest the kids just ate it up no questions asked. 

1 comment:

Nicolthe pickle said...

Haha, isn't it sad when they don't turn out quite so perfect. Great save on them though.

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