Thursday, August 7, 2008

Butter Chicken

Here is a photo of last nights supper Butter Chicken served over scented rice with homemade pitas (the two that didn't rise). It turned out pretty good. I still need to tweak the recipe a bit. I did end up adding more chili powder, turmeric and lots more cinnamon. After looking at this recipe in my Indian cook book I decide to add ground cardamon and nutmeg. Also instead of using diced tomatoes I decided to use crushed because hubby doesn't like diced tomatoes.

Verdict: It wasn't the flavor that I was looking for but its not a failure yet (hubby really loved it). I will continue to tweak the recipe until I get the flavor that I want. If any of you make this recipe please let me know your recipe or spices that you use.

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Stam House said...

Look yummy! I use fresh chillies (Thai are spicier) and fresh ginger! fresh ingredient taste so much better!!!!

* use cardamon in pod and grind them when you need it for a better taste (it does loose it's flavor quickly)
* fry the spice for a better fully flavor (cummin seed fry better then ground and should be fry the last one cause loose flavor if to hot!)

I also use fresh tomato and peel them and then cook them with the spice and make a paste out of it!!! so yummy

Ps have you try frying some mustard seed with this meal it does give a nice taste!

Enjoy reading this recipe Kate good job in the kitchen!

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