Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I need help!!!

Bet you will never guess what this is suppose to be!!!

Let me help you. Last week I had planned on making Mexican Lentil Casserole. This is a recipe that I must admit I have tried to make before and was only successful once (out of 3 that's not too bad). So now I am admitting that I don't know how to cook lentils. Is there a trick that someone isn't telling me. Well if so let me first tell you what I did to get this mess (and yes I followed the recipe).

To cook this wonderful meal it says that I needed to saute my onions, celery and green peppers in a sauce pan. Then add 4 cups of water and 1 cup of lentils; cook them covered for 40 minutes. Well this is what my beautiful red lentils turned out after that 40 minutes. Should I not have used red lentils??

If anyone has any advice for me I would love to hear it. This recipe is delicious when the lentils turn out which has been, like I said, once for me!

After much sluking I did suck it up and doctor up this goop to get a decent supper. I used it kind of like a cream soup mix (since the rice was made for the lentil casserole). I added some spices to it, lots of curry, cumin and cinamon, and added it to my cooked rice. Then I added some black beans I had in the freezer, salsa and LOTS of cheese (that seems to make everything taste good). I baked it at 300 for about 20 minutes.

The creation didn't stop there. Once cooked I stuffed this Mexican lentil mess into the delicious pitas I made, topped with salsa and called it yummy!!!

So in the end I was able to save us from having to spend $6.00 buying 2 cheeseburger platters from Deluxe French Fries.

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