Monday, August 11, 2008

Meal Plan Monday

Another week gone by just like that. Well at least I got caught up on some of my baking last week since it rained all week. There will be lots of post coming up on my successes and failures. Hey you can't be a great cook all the time! hehe..

We had some last minute adjustments to last weeks menu. We didn't end up going to our NB day BBQ but instead had some wonderful friends over to enjoy supper. This was a good thing because it finally forced me to clean out the freezer and up date my freezer inventory list. This is such a wonderful thing to have on hand. Because by having it on hand (placed in section number 1 of my house binder) you don't find things down at the very bottom smothered in freezer burn. Luckily I didn't have to throw anything away and I was happy to find some hidden treasures that will be used in this weeks menu! I will posting later this week some ideas for freezing foods in portion sizes so make sure to check back!

Here is this weeks menu. A couple of evening are up in the air as we have some stuff planned so it will be a short cooking week. I do hope to get some yogurt made and also some bread. I did just receive a bread maker from my mother who just wanted to get rid of the clunky thing that was taking up way to much space in her she shipped it off to me! So if any of you have a favorite bread maker recipe please let me know I am anxious to try.

August 11-17

Monday: Pork chops, mashed potatoes and corn on the cob

Tuesday: Sweet and Sour Sausages, Rice and veggies

Wednesday: No supper needed

Thursday: Mexican Mesagna (see below) and Salad

Friday: Chicken Pizza (anyone have a good recipe?) and vegetable sticks

Saturday: Spaghetti, garlic bread (maybe in the bread maker?), Caesar salad

Sunday: Left overs

Mexican Mesagne

Now this is a Peterson Favorite. There are no really amounts for the ingredients so you just put them together the way you like and hope that it turns out....heheh..

Taco Seasoning
Med. Can of Tomato Paste
Water ( fill the tomato paste can up)
Some Salsa

One cup cooked rice
1-2 cans of black, kidney or maple beans (depends on how much you like them)
6 tortilla shells
grated cheese

1. Fry hamburger, garlic and onions. You can add salt, pepper and Worcestershire sauce for flavor. Drain Grease.

2. Add Taco seasoning, tomato paste, water (usually you only need the amount that fits in the empty paste can) and some salsa. Let simmer low heat ~ 15 minutes.

3. Well simmering you can cook rice. Rice is something that stores well so I usually cook this up any day of the week when this is on the plan just to save time.

4. Grate cheese. This is usually also done in advance.

5. Open beans and get out tortillas. * real easy step*

6. Once all your ingredients are together you can start to assemble.

7. In a 9 * 13 pan layer

and top with cheese

For more" cheesyness" add some cheese whiz to the top.

Bake at 350 for 30 minutes

If you like it more spicy you can add any kind of hot peppers to your hamburger meat.

For more great ideas head on over to Meal Planning Plan at Organizing Junkie


blugrl said...

Looks like a lovely week! I'm going to bookmark your recipe for future use. Thanks for posting! God Bless!

Shirley said...

Tell us about your "House Binder". I could sure use one and could use some ideas. Love your Blog !! Thanks . . .

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