Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Something NEW!!

Ok...so I want to start a new day on the blog. Its a you ask I answer Tuesday.

Now that I am registared Dietitian I want to stay up to date on the latest information and I feel that doing a question answer day will help me be able to do that. So here we go if you got a nutrition question please feel free to ask and every Tuesday I will be posting answers to the questions. The questions can be about any type of food, nutrition related topic, or even cooking topics.

To ask your questions please leave it in the comment box...also for clarification you don't need a blogger account to post comments you can just leave your name or do it anonymous.

Hope to get lots of questions from ya!


Stam House said...

Great idea Kate!!!!

Stam House said...

Hey dear I'm looking for a good recipe for pork and beans! Harry love those!!!!!

He likes them with tomatoes sauce So do you have a good cooking tips for how to not get them to soft and on how to make them in the crock pot!!!!

Thanks a lot


Geniève said...

Cool idea... I have a question about fats. I know that there are good fats out there and bad fats, but what are they? And if I'm looking to buy oil how do I know which is the best one to buy when I am comparing labels? How much fat are we supposed to consume on a daily basis (I know that a totally fat-free diet is a no no)?
Any info on fats would be cool.
Love ya

mom_2_boys said...

Our four year old won't eat meat and never has. How much protein should we make sure he gets daily and should he take a supplement?

Also is it better to use splenda or plain old sugar?


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