Friday, November 28, 2008

Making the list....and checking it twice

With December quickly approaching I thought it was time to share some of my Frugal holiday tips. Today I am talking about my Christmas baking list. This list is such a money saver!! Its easy to start your list as there are probably a handful of recipes (or more) that you make each season.

I created my list using google docs (this link will take you to a recent post on how great google docs is if you aren't using it. ) I started off by making a master Christmas list. This list has all my goodies that I bake, decorations (mostly craft supplies) that need to be picked up and a basic menu of whats cookin in the kitchen Christmas eve and Christmas morning. From this list two more list where created; one was a recipe list and the other an ingredient list. This is why I love google docs so much is that you can link your pages together. The best thing about google docs is that it can be shared with other family members or you can share it out with other women or familys if you do Christmas baking exchanges. Now with my list complete (for about 2 weeks) I have been watching the store flyers for the deals, this is the best part about having your list ready. You can pick up your ingredients for next to nothing prices if you know what you need for the holiday season. I have been buying little things here and there to get me started in my baking and storing it away so hubby can't find it!

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