Monday, September 15, 2008

Monday Meal Plan

Now many of you reading this blog probably don't know how much in LOVE my hubby is with Google. He is always the first to try any one of their products and he is the guy who has been trying to convert our whole family over to gmail, google home page, picasa, notebook and google docs. He has been very successful in transforming us into a google family as he has always been right about their products.

Before I was always using Microsoft word to store away any recipe, craft idea, or nutrition information I could find. Which in turn meant that maybe 6 times a year I would be searching for one thing and come across something that I had wanted to try 6 months early. Of course hubby was convinced that if I switched over to google docs all my sorting problems would go away and I would be able to recall a recipe I had wanted to try with in seconds. After about 3 months of convincing I finally let him show me how GREAT google docs is. So as of last week I became an official google gal...what does that mean you ask. Well I now have all my documents, recipes and spread sheets in google docs.

I can't really go into details about how hubby got all my information from MW to Google docs because he is a computer nerd and well I am not that high tech. But I will let you know that it is wonderful to have all my stuff there. You see it has a great search feature that you just have to put in one word from the recipe and up it comes. This makes it so simple for searching your ideas that you have copied and pasted into it. Another wonderful thing about it is that I always have my recipes with me. That means if I am visiting friends and want to make a favorite recipe I can just go online and get my recipe!!! Below is a short video on how to use google docs.

Last week I used google docs to put together two sets of list for my house binder. One is the Peterson favorite recipes, in this list is all the main dishes, sides dishes, soups, stews, breads, snacks,convenience foods and desserts that we love to eat. And the other is all the recipes (within the same categories) that I would like to try. Wait ladies (or gentleman) it gets better. The program allows for links which means for a recipe if you have it in your google docs or a website you can put the link right in. This has made this weeks meal planning so easy. I simply look at my lists and decided what I want to make and then I click the recipe name to see the recipe to find out what ingredients I may need to pick up at the grocery store.

Oh boy I should have listened to hubby a long time ago. Also this program has made sharing recipes with you guys much easier as I just publish them as a website for you to see. For recipes that I am trying to make better and I can share them with friends to try and add their input. This program has also worked well with a grocery price spread sheet I created. Now I will have other people helping me put in prices so we will know where the best deal in town is!!

I am starting to sound like hubby about on to the menu

Monday: Pot roast with veggies (potato, carrots, squash and sweet potato)

Tuesday: Honey Baked Chicken

Wednesday: Sandwiches (bagel sandwich or pizza subs)

Thursday: French Bread French toast and sausages

Friday: Pork fajitas and nachos

Saturday: Out

Also ladies don't forget to check in tomorrow for You ask I answer Tuesday. And for more delicious meal ideas check out Organizing Junkie.


Minimalist Mommy said...

It was so neat that you could share that spreadsheet with me. Boom in one second it was there. Even better because my computer does not have excel so I have no other option. I still store my recipes as my favourites and take them out once I approve them and print off my own hard copy for my binder. I am still a little attached to paper I am afraid, but that is slowly changing.

mub said...

It hadn't even occurred to me to use Google Docs for recipes! What a wonderful idea!!

Totally Cre8tive said...

Maybe this is a dumb question, but do you have to scan the recipe first and then upload it to Google Docs? I am trying to transfer EVERYTHING over to Google and I would love to have all my recipes there too!

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