Friday, December 19, 2008

Hostess Gifts

I love the Christmas season because its a time of year when you are always going out to gatherings or you are hosting people in your own house. Since I love hosting I never give up an opportunity to have a party.

I always like to have something special to give my guest or to take to others houses as a hostess gift. This year my gift is chocolate covered spoons that can be added to hot chocolate or coffee.

This year at our Christmas sweater party this will be my center piece when hot chocolate is served. Since I will be having people into my house I used our extra silver wear and dipped the spoons into melted semi sweet chocolate. Some of the spoons got crushed candy cane added to them well others were left plain.

I also dipped some plastic spoons and wrapped them in festive holiday wrap to give out as gifts when we go to other peoples houses.

For more frugal ideas check out Biblical womanhood

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Shiloh*~ said...

Any idea how I can view your lovely new blogspot? The background is pale on my computer screen, and so I cannot read the light-coloured font!

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