Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The best mom at the bake sale!!

This weekend I went away to spend the weekend with my bestest friend and her family. It was her birthday so her wonderful sister decided she would through her a birthday party. Krissy, who is a faithful reader, was hard at work in the kitchen preparing for the party.

She whipped up a great little treat that I just had to post about. These little treats will definitely earn you the "best mom at the bake sale" award.

They are so delicious and so easy to make.


Hersey Kisses
Smarties or M& M's

1. Place pretzels in a signal layer on a cookie sheet. (don't try to make too many in one batch, you need to be able to place the smarties or M& M on them before they cool down.)

2. Place Hersey kiss on the middle of the pretzels.

3. Bake at 200 for about 3 minutes or until chocolate is soft.

4. Moving as quickly as possible place your smarties or M& M's on the chocolate. Cool and ENJOY!!

~ These can be stored in the fridge in an air tight container if you have any left to store!

A frugal idea for this snack is to watch for when kisses and hard candies such as smarties and M &M's go on sale after a holiday, check out my friend Niki's post about it. You can keep these chocolate pieces in the freezer until needed. Look for festive colors to make for when you kids need to take a treat to school for a special party!!

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Rona's Home Page said...

How cool.

Amy said...

I've done these for Christmas for a couple of years- they're a fun treat with red and green M&M's. It never occurred to me, though, to do them for bake sales- great idea! :)

My WFMW tip about my new way to carry my coupons is up HERE if you'd like to take a peek.

Have a great day! :)

Wanda said...

Oh yum-a-licious!
I love the sweet/salty taste too.

Great tip!

Geniève said...

Wow. What a great idea! I love sweet and salty combos :-p

Michelle said...

these look dee-lish!

Lynn said...

These look yummy. Thanks!

KrustyTheCat said...

These look like a fun thing to do with the kids!!!

Totallyscrappy said...

I have to make something for a bake sale this weekend and I have all these ingredients in my cupboard! Whoo-hoo!

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