Thursday, January 15, 2009

A nice warm supper meal

With the temperature dropping to -27 with the wind chill I decided to make a nice warm soup tonight for supper to help us stay warm. It taste so delicious that I just had to pull myself away from the pot to come share my concoction with you all.

Vegetable curried chowder

5 Potatoes
5 Carrots
Chicken stock
green lentils
Curry powder
1 can cream corn
Frozen corn
Left over mashed sweet potato
1 can evaporated milk
Salt and Pepper
~ Cover the vegetables and lentils with chicken stock or water or a mixture of both. Bring to a boil and add curry, garlic powder or real garlic and tarragon (one of my favorite soup spices). You can also add turnip, parsnip or celery. I only added what I had on hand.

~ When the vegetables where cooked through I added 1 can of cream corn and some frozen corn. Also I had some mashed up sweet potato in the fridge so blended that together with some of the evaporated milk to make a nice puree before adding it to the chowder. Stir it all together and add more curry and tarragon until you get the taste you are looking for!

~ If you want you can add a couple of honey garlic sausages, cut in bit size pieces, to the chowder. This adds a VERY delicious flavor.

We are going to be enjoying this for supper tonight with soda crackers and pita bread that I made yesterday. What a great way to get your vegetables for the day!!! Instead of using sausages because of our meatless week I decided to add some green lentils to the chowder to give us some very healthy protein.


Erica said...

Yum Yum, looks great! I love a good hearty soup :)

David and Rhonda said...

Looks yummy! I put a little dill seed in my veggie chowder and it adds a lovely flavor, maybe your friends would like to try it along with the tarragon. Love Rhonda

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