Thursday, February 12, 2009

Valentine Ideas

Ok... every blog I have been on lately has been talking about valentines day! I really LOVE this day as well. What better way to celebrate love then to stuff your face with tons of chocolates, use red food coloring to dye everything (including your fingers) and use those heart shaped cookie cutters for breakfast, lunch, supper and snacks! So here is my post on treats and special things we have done over the years to celebrate this day of LOVE.

Hubby and I did made these delicious cupcakes for a pot luck we had this past weekend. I found the recipe over on Amys notebook which is orginally taken from The Farm Chicks.

The recipe was so easy to follow and they tasted delicious!! The frosting was so sweet and like nothing I have ever tasted before. We used my pampered chef decoraters to get creative. Since the recipe made 24 hubby and I each decorated 12 cupcakes. Most of mine were valentine themed

and hubbys were creatively done!!

Last year we celebrated valentines at our small group so I whipped up these cupcakes to take there. They are a chocolate cup cake with a cream cheese heart baked in the center. They looked a lot nicer before they were cooked!! hehehe...I must keep working on that recipe.

A treat I made this week for moms club was Cinnamon hearts

For our youth group last night at the church I whipped together some sugar cookies (a recipe I usually only make at Christmas) and we used the left over icing from the cup cakes to decorate them. I am not sure if the kids even tasted the cookie with all the colored sugar and candy hearts that were on them.

Each year we enjoy doing a special breakfast, usually heart shaped pancakes topped with fruit, syrup and whip cream dord the trick for us!

A couple of years ago when I was doing my internship hubby whipped together this specail evening (after he cooked me my favorite meal; KD and Hotdogs!!) of a fondue pinic on our living room floor.

I have been using this valentine for years now. When we were in university our Christian fellowship group decided to make these and hand them out all over campus with our information the back. What an impact they had and what a turn out we got. Its Awesome to think that God sent the first valentine and how cool is it that we get a special day to to celebrate and show Christ's love!!

There are lots of cool ideas out there to do for this day and as the babe gets older I plan on doing lots of fun things to celebrate LOVE. Here are a few cool ideas for you readers!

Butterfly lollipop cards (views best in internet explorer)
Printable valentines
Heartfelt memory game
Crafty valentine ideas (views best in internet explorer)
Valentine's day games and gifts

Enjoy and have a happy LOVE DAY!!

For more frugal valentines ideas head on over to Biblical WomanHood


Amy said...

I am so glad you liked the cupcakes and LOVED your decorating ideas. I might have to steal those, for sure!

Thank you so much for participating this week- I really appreciate it!

Laura-Lee said...

David says that he enjoys the cupcakes that Micah decorated. No offence your's are beautiful as well.

I hope your Valentine's Day was wrapped full of God's Love.

MommaHughes said...

You guys are adorable! :)

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