Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The annoucement you have been waiting for!!

First let me start this post off by reminding you all that 1. I am not pregnant and 2. I didn't sign a cookbook contracted. Today I want to let all my readers know that I have started my own Etsy shop!! For those of you who are like "Etsy...what is that"?? Well let me tell you Etsy is an online site that allows people to buy and sell things homemade!!

After posting about starting up a card company called Scatter Joy Cards. I realized with the flood of emails that not all my readers have excesses to buy my cards. So I have been working on this site (long with hubby who did such a wonderful job putting together my banner!!) to offer my readers a chance to enhance the Kingdom of God by buying from our mission based card company!!

Our mission statement is on the site but just to give a little bit more information about us is that we are using our gifts (our talents) to enhance the kingdom of God by allowing all profits to go towards missions. That's missionaries and mission trips; so every card bought really does make a difference. Also the cool thing about our little on line shop is that we will send the card to the recipient with a personalized message from you (kind of like a flower shop). All you have to do is provide us with the message you want and we will hand write it in and the mailing address....pretty cool eh!

Please come on over to to check out our selection...which isn't big right now we are just testing the water here!! But we have lots more in stock so don't hesitate to buy!! Hope to hear your feed back (good or bad)!
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