Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Scatter Joy

~Scatter Joy~ cards is a little home based mission minded card company co-founded by two sisters and a best friend!!

Last summer my friend Deanna got to travel with Compassion to Ecuador to visit a Compassion project there. When she came back and was telling us all about the trip one thing that stuck out to me from her experience was that she could tell that writing to your sponsor child really makes a difference. We combined that experience with our joy for card making (and giving cards) and that is how ~Scatter Joy~ cards was born.

There is nothing like receiving a homemade card letting us know that someone is thinking of us, wishing us happy birthday or sending us an encouraging scripture verse. We put our creativity together and in one blow out card making night we managed to create over 50 cards.

Our cards are all uniquely made with lots of love. These cards are being sold at the merchandise table at Life Support concerts (The band Deanna is part of) . The reason that we wanted to make these cards was for people who were sponsoring a child (because the band are advocates) could have nice encouraging homemade cards to send to their sponsor children letting them know how much they are loved!!

A little bundle of homemade cards also makes great gifts for the people who have everything. So with all that said if you interested in buying any of our cards and are from the NB or NS area we do have them for sale; they are only $2.00 a card. The money that we earn goes towards buying card supplies but also the money raised from the cards that I sell will be going towards a missions trip that our family will be going on in the summer. If you are interested in getting some of these cards please contact me at

And if you aren't from close but you are a Compassion sponsor please feel encouraged to go and write a letter to your child knowing that it does make a difference!

For more works for me ideas head on over here.

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KMC said...

Wow, awesome idea. I love making cards as well and have used them as a fund raiser when I was doing missions. Everyone loves homemade cards. Keep up the awesome work!

-kathryn cross

ps: where are you going for missions?

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