Friday, May 22, 2009

Make your own grocery bags!!

Here is a re-post on how to make your own grocery bags; these directions may come in more handy now that they are charging you to buy plastic bags here at one grocery store!

These hand bags were made from old T-shirts. Most often it turns out whenever I attend events I am usually left with an over sized T-shirt that I can only wear when 9 months pregnant. Some of these T-shirts are really nice and I just find that they sit in the closet or get used as rags. It wasn't until one day my good friend Laura told me that she had been making re usable grocery bags out of old T-shirts with a quick search on Google I found the directions and it became my number 2 sewing project. Here is how they turned out.

They can be used at the grocery store to put your groceries in. One thing they suggest in the directions is not loading them up with really heavy stuff like jugs of milk.
With the remaining scraps from the sleeves I put in a inside pocket on the inside back of the bag. This will be useful to put my grocery list, pen, calculator or anything else I may need to take to the store.

These bags may also be used for a diaper bag for when I am just running some quick errands. All my belongs plus some diapers (its big enough for the cloth diapers) and wipes can be placed in here. I also made this beautiful purple bag out of my favorite ZOOM T-shirt. I will be using this one as a purse as I made the handles a little larger to put over my shoulder.

For more frugal ideas check out life as mom and don't forget to check out my announcement post yesterday about my new Etsy shop!!

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