Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My new craft desk

Hey readers sorry I am late posting once again. I will do my very best to have a post up bright and early in the morning on Friday. I was a little under the weather today and only now am I regaining my strength. So for the next little while I am sure I am going to be bragging up all the great "treasures" we found during spring clean up week. For some of you who do not know spring clean up is a once a year advent where you can put ALL trash on the side of the road. This includes many house hold items that you don't feel like selling, have no use for anymore and want to get rid of them. We started the week off with these great finds another find we got right here in our neighborhood was this computer desk.

Before we brought it into the house we made sure it was the measurement we needed to fit in our spare room, praise God it was, and in no time it was in, washed up and was given a whole new purpose! It has now become my craft station.

I was able to put my sewing machine on one side. Also I got 3 baskets (pink, beige and blue) that fit so nicely where the keyboard would go. These hold materials, projects on the go and scraps.
And on the other side of the desk is my card making materials. The draws are great too for hiding away other materials that for some reason no matter how many times you organize they just look like a mess. This has been a wonderful find for me and I have already made a few projects here at my new station!

The phrase one mans trash is another mans treasure has a whole new meaning for me!

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Lisa said...

I wish we had a day like that here! Great repurposing.

Jenny said...

its so neat and cleeeeean!!

come do my desk now. lol.

N and N said...

awesome! people don't seem to have nearly as good stuff here in spring clean up week and I didn't see anyone doing drive-by hunting like at home either :)

David and Rhonda said...

Looks great! We are so happy to see you using your gifts to bless others!! Have fun and we look forward to seeing your creations!

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