Friday, July 3, 2009

DIY hair clips

These little hair clips were a last minute creation that I thought up as I was picking up stuff for our yard sale. Because my bangs are just at the length where they don't fit in the pony tail and are always falling into my eyes I am always wearing a bobby pin.

I picked up these pretty flowers in the scrap booking aisle (10 for $1.00) and rushed home to create!!! There are so many varieties of flowers you can glue onto many different hair clips or pins. I used some snap berets and sold them in our yard sale; anyway back to the tutorial.

1. Glue button to the center of the flower using a hot glue gun.
2. Glue flower onto hair piece using hot glue gun.

Wait 5 minute to dry and ta-da!!

Cute hair pieces!! For more frugal ideas check out Life as mom

1 comment:

Shalet said...

Great idea and happy frugal friday!

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