Friday, September 25, 2009

Trash to treasure

So last Friday I was way to busy to post anything cause I was working on this little project!!

I had been saying to hubby that I wanted to get a small book shelf for the babes room. One that could hold those little books and eventually flash cards. So with that thought imprinted in my head I headed out to value village for their 50% off day!! While you can image my great delight when I spotted this old spice rack for $2.00 (price after 50% discount)!!!

When Micah got home I was so excited to show him and let me know my dreams for this gem. The next day I headed out to the dollar store to pick up some blue paint and brushes so I could get to work painting it up nice.

So after two coats of paint here is the babes new little book shelf (I did for $4) for his new big boy room!

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