Tuesday, July 26, 2011

What is Pinterest

Just a quick note today to tell you all about Pinterest. Pinterest is a virtual pin board that lets you organize and share all the beautiful things you find on the web.

so here is how it works you are surfing the web and you come across something totally cool

Like this cake and you think wow I would love to make a 6 layer rainbow cake someday so you pin it to your yummy treat board.

These yummy cinnamon buns are quick and easy recipe that need to be tried in your home so they go onto that board as well.

Or this totally awesome looking bike and you think I would love to spray paint a bike that color some day so it goes into your DIY board

or how about these cute capes for your next birthday party...so it gets pined onto the Party board.

OH but there are so many more boards you can have

Kids fun board with lots of frugal fun ideas on it like this side walk paint

Or a home decor board where you see a stylish room like this and think I would love to have that color and our monogram over our bed.

and come on I seen these cute hair clips on there, pinned it to my get into the craft room board and made some that night with my friend Grace.

So what are you waiting for go search for me at pinterest.com (Katie Peterson) and start following me today. I have lots of boards you might be interested in.

*on a side note this is not only good for women you know. My husband has been very sneaky checking my boards to see what recipes I want to try, crafts I am going to make and camera's I am looking at. Its been awesome to have him make some snacks for our family or date night that are ones I have pinned to a board!!! He is scoring lots of brownie points!!! hehehe

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Geniève said...

I love this! I just signed up and am on the waiting list. I hope I don't have to wait too long, I want to start pinning! :)
I am looking at some organization pins. Oh my!

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