Monday, March 26, 2012

Baking with kids

I have been learning to let go of my fast pace get everything done quickly mode to allow for special times with my children.  I have some really great role models who have taught me that we don't need to get the job done perfectly but by allowing our kids to join us makes for great teachable moments with them and helps them to learn and understand that helping around the house is fun.    I have also found that it helps give them a sense of purpose as well cause they know you enjoy their company and appreciate their help. 

Baking with kids is just one example.  Of course it can be messy and crazy but I figured after watching an episode of 19 kids and counting and they had a lot more kids in the kitchen that I could handle 6 kids baking with me.  So here we are enjoying one of the March break days with my nieces and nephews. 

After the two oldest read the instructions on the box of cake mix and put them all together the younger ones got to decorate them for the supper dessert.  I did make 1 rule for them it was as long as I didn't see anyone licking the frosting as they were decorating I would give them 3 minutes at the end to having a "clean up" party where they got to eat the left over frosting and sprinkles off the table.  It worked out awesome.  They cleaned up all the extras so fast and I didn't have to worry about licked fingers on all the cupcakes. 

Of course with kids there are bound to be spills here is just one of the big ones that happened.  And of course it was my son who was trying to eat them all up before mommy cleaned them up. 

I love seeing the creativity of all the different designs they made on their cup cakes.  I wish I would have got a shot of the after cupcakes but of course I was too busy helping the kids clean up before supper.

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Mrs. Stam said...

Making memories, isn't it so much fun :-) Of course it can get a bit messy at time, but the mess is only there for s while, memories are foreever :-)

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