Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Truffula Trees


Here is a project we worked on last week.  It was so much fun doing this craft with the kids since there were lots of steps it did take a couple of days before we had our finished product. 

I am sure you have now all heard of the book The Lorax.  Well I  had never heard of it before but was at Costco shopping and saw it there and decided it would be a great new book for our book shelf.  We came home and right away Daddy read it to the kids.  Eben loved it and asked several times to have it read again and again.   So later that week I decided we should try to make Truffula trees together. I search the internet to see how I could dye cotton balls and came across this step by step tutorial

We had 4 different colors.  Purple, yellow, orange and pink.  We used this time as our school time.  I would ask Eben to get 4 cotton balls then call out the color I wanted him to dip it in.  

When he finished one he would put it on the paper towel.  

Its cool how all the colors make a tie dye piece of art. 

Then I stuck the balls onto toothpicks and pocked them into this Styrofoam ball for them to dry out over night. 

The next day we painted the sticks (or the Truffula trucks) yellow. 

To make the trees stand up in a vase I decided to dye the rice green to make it look like grass.  So I mixed 1/2 cup of rice with 1/4 cup of vinegar and a few drops of food coloring.  You leave it in the jar for about 10 minutes. 

Then you lay the rice out onto a piece of paper towel to allow to dry. 

I don't have any pictures of the next step but when the cotton balls were all dry I pulled them apart a little bit to make them look fluffy.  Then I put a glue dot on either side of the top of the Popsicle stick and put two cotton balls (of the same color) onto the sticks.  If the cotton balls weren't sticking together I put a glue dot in between them as well.

And here are the two cuties with the finished product.

Jaelyn ready to grab a Truffula tree...Eben says she's taking the trees!  Jaelyn don't be the Once-ler.

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