Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Framing printables

It is March break around here and we have so many fun activities planned.  Unfortunately I won't be able to share them for a little bit cause our computer is in the shop which means no downloading my photos to show you readers.  But don't worry I will be back when the computer is fixed sharing with you lots of fun activities you can do with your little ones. 

But I will share with you a frugal decorating tip that I LOVE!!  Its framing printables.  

I found this printable over here at eighteen 25 and I just fell in love with it.  So I printed it off (or I got my mom to cause our printer isn't hooked up) and put it into a nice frame to hang in our kitchen!  They also have different color schemes you can choose from which is so nice.  

Here is another example of a printable I framed for LOVE day.  

This pretty pink printable (pictured below) was one I did last year for valentines day and put it on our mantal.  I didn't have a coloured printer so I just printed a black printable onto pink card stock. 

This is my newest printable that I found over at Family Bees.  I LOVE it.  So its printed and now I am looking for just the right mat and frame to put it in.  I find I really like how they look in a bigger frame with a mat so I want this one to be just right so I can hang it up in the kitchen where the pink valentines one is.  Also I am working on replacing my heart garland with a banner so hopefully I will get my craft room organized enough to find my sewing machine so I can work on these projects. 

If you have made a banner let me know how you did it or where you found the instructions!  Or you can even post a picture over at Kate's Kitchen on facebook.

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