Friday, March 16, 2012


What a joy this has been in our house!  I have loved having hopscotch down the hall way.  Its like every time you go that way you just can't help yourself to jump your way down the hall. 

So here is how you can make one for yourself.  I first saw the pin on pinterest and it comes from this site More! Than Scrap.  I did change ours around a little bit so I will give you the details on how I made this fun activity.

Instead of using vinyal I decided that masking tape would work just as well and because my little guy is only 4 I decided to do smaller squares to make it easier for him.  So here are the supplies I used.  

Masking tape
3 pieces of 8 * 8 card stock

In the center of the hall way I started off with 1 piece of paper and then placed 2 pieces on top of that one to start to get the outline.  I used the tape and taped around the paper so to try to make prefect squares.  When I had done those three I moved on to the 4,5 and 6 and then finished off with the 7,8,9 and 10.    It really didn't take me to too long to do maybe 20-30 minutes and that was including making all the numbers out of the masking tape as well. 

When Eben woke up and noticed the creation he yelled out "HEY....who painted the floor!!"  After I explained to him he was more then happy to try it out and play.  He was trying to teach is little sister how to play as well but that didn't work out for him the way he had hoped! 


Mrs. Stam said...

How cool!!!! Rebekah asked "Mama,why did she wrote on her floor??" when she say your pictures hehe!

Question: are you leaving the tape on the floor? and how is the cleaning going, is the tape peeling off?

Micah and Katie said...

Hey Renee, we have had it up for two weeks almost and its still doing pretty good. I do think this weekend I will pull the tape up and see what the cleaning will be like. But it hasn't peeled off at all and I just sweep over it to clean the hall way.

Mrs. Stam said...

sweet, so it does stay up good, let me know how the "after clean up" went, I might consider doing something like this for the girls :-)

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