Sunday, March 11, 2012

School time

School time does not have to be a big complicated ordeal especially for a 4 year old.  So here is one easy thing that we call Mix Up.  What I do is take out some magnetic letters (on this day we did numbers as well) and put them onto a cookie sheet.  They are usually all scrambled up and I ask Eben to first make the alphabet to get him use to putting all the letters in order.  Then if he still feels up to it we put together some words.  This is a great activity to do well I am preparing lunch or supper.  

What are some "school time" activities that you do with your kids?

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Mrs. Stam said...

I agree, school never needs to be "complicated" I think when you view life as a classroom things get easier.

Setting the table is perfect time to practice counting, bonus when you have guest they can practice simple additions.

Baking is good for fractions etc.

Going outside always perfect for science. Or growing plants and seeds inside to explain the miraculous life giving God that we have.

Kate, have you try signing what you want to teach your little one (seeds worship) has super simple song that are verses.. so they can practice scripture memory by signing them over and over again ~ here is where you can listen online I'm sure both of your little goose will learn them real fast :-)

But my all time favourite way to teach reading,is reading and reading to them :-)

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