Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Spring Banner

So I finally decided to get into the banner action and make one for our spring time decor.  We are going to be painting the house late spring early summer so until then I need to think of creative ways to make it look pretty.  So why not jump on the banner wagon and try one out.

It was super easy to make.  I simply used coordinating spring colored scrap book card stock, my cricut, double sided tape, string and ink for doing the edges. 

So with my cricut I used George basic shapes to cut out 41/2 diamonds.  Because I have the small cricut I was only able to do 6 at a time. When the diamonds where finished cutting I folded them in half to make the triangle shape.  Then I brought the bucket of triangles out to my working area along with the embroidery floss I was using to hang my banner on. With my hubby's help we put the floss up and then I added all the triangle pieces (once they were inked with chocolate chip brown ink) and used the double sided tape to keep them shut. 

Now when we first moved here the blind in the kitchen was blue and my hubby changed that for me and put up this awesome white one.  

The only problem that occcured during this switch was these two big holes that were left from the old blue blind.  In the above picture you can see I put up some hearts on either side of the window to help cover the hole but what was I going to do with the banner.

Then I got a brillant idea that actually came from Micah's cousin.  When she makes the pom poms she actually only makes them one sided so that she can stick them onto a wall instead of hang them from the ceiling.  So I ran down to the dollar store to pick up some white confetti colored tissue paper and made mini pom poms for either side of the banner.   To make them mini I used 6 pieces of tissue paper and folded them up like you usually would.  Then I found the middle and cut it in half.  So one regular size pom pom made two mini ones for me. Then you pull all the tissue paper out in front instead of making it into a nice round ball. 

And ta-da!!!  Here is our new spring decor that hangs over our beautiful kitchen window.

So what kind of spring decorations do you put up??

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