Monday, July 23, 2012

Sponge bombs


The weather here as been so awesome.  We have had two weeks of wonderful sun.  So what better way to cool off than to splash around in some water.  While the pool was filled up I decided to make some sponge water bombs for them to throw around.  I originally found the idea on Pinterest and it was one of our 50 days of fun activities

I picked up the packs of sponges at the dollar store.  There were 6 sponges in a pack.  Two blue, two pink and two yellow.  I took each sponge and cut it in half then I cut each half into 4.   When all the pieces were cut we put 6 pieces together gave them a little twist and I tied them together with jewelry string.  

When they were all made we put them in the pool and started throwing them around.  

Eben then wanted to play sponge bomb basketball so he got out a bucket and started to toss them into the buckets.

We then took these things to the beach and him and his cousins had a lot of fun getting them wet and throwing them at each other.

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