Tuesday, July 24, 2012

M&M on toast day

Last week we celebrated a little holiday in our house called M&M on toast day.  As a Dietitian I know that this is a very weird thing to celebrate but let me explain how this holiday came to be in our home.  My husband doesn't really like breakfast.  He finds that we either eat cereal or toast each morning so one day he decided he wanted to spice up his breakfast a little more.  So he went out and got some white bread (something we don't usually have in the house) and we had Nutella and for whatever reason we had some M&M's in the house and so the combination was made with me not in favor.  I told him he wouldn't be allowed to eat in front of our son cause I didn't want him to be a bad example and after a little fighting he won and our once a year celebration started were on July 18th he gets to enjoy white bread with Nutella and M&M's.  

Now with our son getting older we start to tell him a couple days before that its almost M&M on toast day to get him excited.  And this year he woke up came running in to find me to tell me Mama its M&M day!!!  He was very excited to enjoy this day with his daddy.

Its a little bit of a crazy idea but its something fun and a little tradition that we have started with our family.  I hope these are memories that our kids never forget!   Do you have any family "traditions" that you would like to share?

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