Saturday, September 15, 2012

Owl birthday party


Our sweet little Lady J turned 2 at the beginning of this month.  Its so hard to believe that 2 years has come and gone so quickly.  I feel like it was just yesterday we were filled with SO much joy and excitement when the doctor announced its a girl!!!  

From the first moment we laid eyes on her we knew she would be a fire cracker.  She brings so much laughter and joy into our lives!  This year to celebrate her birthday we found these cute little owl cupcake set.  I was trying to figure out how to incorporate them into her party and with in minutes of thinking about it we decided to have a YOUR A HOOT birthday party for her. 

We kept the party low key by having family come over for desserts.   I made up these cupcakes to use the owl cup cake set, which I purchased for $2 at the dollarama, and we had a few other desserts.  For drinks I made up a big batch of homemade ice tea!   We love ice tea around here and its a good thing cause there was a lot left over since we didn't really think how many Liters this punch dispenser holds.

With canning season well under way I used some jars to drink from.  I also am totally in love with this these new jars I purchased at value village.  They look like candy jars so I took the top off of this one and used it to put straws in.

The decorations were super simple.  One beautiful pink balloon that she picked out her self at the store!

And for presents we were asking for new clothing (she loves girly things) but nannie and grampy went all out and got her a bike.   

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Barbara Bakes said...

Happy birthday to your adorable angel! What a fun party!

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