Saturday, January 19, 2013

snowman fun

With the Christmas season over and the Love month theme still a month away I decided that January would be snowman month in our house.  We would decorate the house with snowman and I planned our homeschool curriculum around a snowman theme. 

Durning one snow fall Micah and I were out shoveling the deck and drive way.   It was such a nice evening we decided to have fun and build this guy for the kids to see when they woke up. 


I thought it was a great idea until I had to strain to get the biggest round ball on the top!  The kids were excited to see the snowman the next day so it was worth it. 

When school was back in we through a snowman themed party for some other home schoolers.  We had all the kids wear there snow gear;  they were suppose to go outside and build snowmen.  Unfortunately the snow was not good for building snowmen so instead they played outside building forts and painting the snow with spray bottles. 

We did have lots of snowman themed treats for them when they came inside. 

There were melted  snowman cookies

We also decorated plastic cups and filled them up with popcorn for the kids to snack on.

And what kind of winter party would it be without a hot chocolate bar.  We had mini marshmallows  crushed candy cane and chocolate dipped marshmallows.  

 I must say I was a busy lady trying to get ready for a 10 am party.  Being a multitasked I was working on everything all at once.  I had just finished dipping the first marshmallow when I turned to check on the popcorn.  Turning back to my chocolate project was my 2 year old, Lady J, putting them on sticks and dipping them in the chocolate for me.  I couldn't believe my eyes and didn't have any time to get the camera out for a picture.  I just went to work on another project and let her do them all buy herself.  She did a great job and I am so happy to have such a great kitchen helper helping me out.

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